What is IMASS?

Integration of Methods in Archaeological Settlement Studies (IMASS) is a recently initiated network of communication for researchers who share a positive vision for new combinations of methods and perspectives in settlement archaeology. Underpinning the network is the firm belief that although archaeology has the tools necessary to stay relevant in the 21st century while advancing knowledge, it needs new communication channels, collegial meeting points, and well coordinated dissemination outlets to foster interdisciplinary research and achieve that goal.

IMASS is an initiative initiated by archaeologists from the Universities of Umeå (Sweden) and Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Because of its origin in northern Europe, the network currently focuses its activities in this area, but it is open to participants researching other geographical regions. The network’s inaugurate event will be a start-up workshop on the general theme of: The life-histories of settlements and methodological integration in north European rural settlement archaeology. The aim of this workshop is to spread new ideas for integrated methods and to establish a core group of researchers who wish to continue collaboration in joint future activities.

We want to give access to everyone interested in the network’s activities. We will therefore make vodcast recordings of the presentations and discussions of the start-up workshop and edit an open-access volume of the research papers. We will make all documentation freely available on this website.

Additional information about the workshop, participants and associated institutions can be found on this website.