Presentations in order of the final programme:

Dr. Niels Algreen Møller: Untangling the life history of Iron Age farmsteads and settlements in Western Jutland, Denmark 

Dr. Maria Petersson: Investigating Early Iron Age society and its organisation in the province of Östergötland

Andres Kimber: Settlement and agriculture on the lower reaches of river Jägala, Northern Estonia

Dr. Karen Milek: The contribution of integrated geoarchaeological methods to the interpretation of life-histories of rural settlement sites 

Dr. Radoslaw Grabowski: Settlement biographies and methodological integration in south Scandinavian Iron Age research

Dr. Andra Simniškytė-Strimaitienė: The use of geoarchaeological methods to delineate space dynamics and formation processes at settlement site in a forested area, East Lithuania

Dr. Gary Nobles: Finding order in chaos: multi-disciplinary methodologies and the spatial analysis of settlement remains

Lorenza La Rosa & Claudia Sciuto: Near Infrared Spectroscopy between social archaeology and geochemistry. A transdisciplinary experiment from a Swedish Mesolithic dwelling site

Prof. Harry Fokkens: Toward a new research agenda for Dutch settlement archaeology

Peter Mose Jensen: Intentional or unintentional house fires?

Bastiaan Steffens: Questioning Continuity 

Marianne Høyem Andreasen: Kongehøj II – a Bronze Age house with many possibilities