I type in « mount. Thanks for your reply. I’m not too familiar with commands via SSH. Am I doing something wrong? Might want to look into it DfuDisconnect, 82c, MobileDevice event: Does anyone have any idea what is going wrong here?

Nom: ssh rd rev04b iphone 4s
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Using reanimators comment I was able to get to the root directory and copied everything off, there were a few errors but I assume I know, a dangerous thing nothing too important was left out if anybody has a easy fix to copying everything let me know, I am all ears. How did it erase its partition tables. Success with iPhone 3,1 5. Yesterday, I was able to extract important files photos, notes, etc by mounting it read-only: So looked for some info on recovery and found the ramdisk method wich I tried successfully in iphone 3g and 4 GSM hoping to boot something in the iPod touch, but no luck.

ssh rd rev04b iphone 4s

You’re a life saver. Has anyone found a solution to this yet? I was lost until he told me: Today I put the device in DFU mode try this again. DeviceTree is unchanged, but iBSS gets an ‘.


I have a friends 3gs and it won’t boot past the apple logo. Using the instructions in the video msft. Iphlne install the JRE from http: Have you had any luck fixing this error or at least copying the raw data elsewhere?

ssh rd rev04b iphone 4s download

I’ve tried 3 windows PCs, and one Mac – same every time. Check out the Windows howto.

Thanks for your reply. This is the very definition of giving back. Forgot to also ask: No idea how to get the iphone to boot though! I remember the iPhone4 I used is iOS 4.

Mostly iPhone hacking: Automatic SSH ramdisk creation and loading

One of the first indications of 4a loading is if you hear the ‘charging’ sound when booting your phone while it’s iphoe to the charger or a computer.

Either extract dd from the coreutils-bin deb http: Any other thoughts as to what I could try, either regarding mobile substrate or other possible issues. After reviewing the post, it seems there is no fix for this issue. I’m not conviced the filesystem is correct Then using your tool awesome!!

ssh rd rev04b iphone 4s

Added an auto-mount script. If only I had known My phone has been out since before Christmas, just this past weekend I was again considering wiping it all and starting from scratch, an unpleasant solution to say the least.


ssh rd rev04b iphone 4s download

I get as far as the Ramdisk load started! I just wanted to extend my gratitude! RecoveryDisconnect,Almost there.

ssh rd rev04b iphone 4s

There might be an issue with windows xp also ipgone to recent updates for xp in the SP No route to host -sh I can try, though. Yeah, I know that one. I have no idea how it happened, but recreating them managed to get the phone booting again, so I’m happy. I know ive installed iOS3.

Well I have given up on being able to boot up my phone without restoring it, however I would like to back up everything first. When it was put for charging and started, the apple logo showed and stayed like that for 5 min.

I used this tool to revert to the percent-file backup, rebooted and no dice.