They include information on the progress of party members also using QuestHelper. Originally posted by Onel Gotta get it to work with 3. Objective priorities are shared between users. Comment Options , At least I think I fixed it, can’t really test it. I’m hoping to get a pre-pre-alpha out for testing by the end of the week.

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It may be slightly faster than it used to be. Begin with the word « item », « npc », or « loc » to only search for things in those categories. QuestHelper should dedicate less CPU time to routing when inside instances. Altered linkage between Blade’s Edge Mountains and Zangarmarsh. You have no idea how busy I’ve been. Are you any good at making UIs?

What resolutions work with this UI? It displays the next objective in blue, and any objective you mouseover in red.

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Send a private message to Gabbyii. Includes update to the Spanish translation.

questhelper 0.48

All that searching also increased the generation time by a few hundred fold, but all well. They’re now all hardcoded into pathfinding. Shows or hides objectives that are blocked, i.

questhelper 0.48

Will probably be inaccurate until all the data I deleted is questhepler. I play on malfurion, I’m pretty sure that’s a public server so how do I fix this? What is Mario’s job?


questhelper 0.48

QuestHelper records monster positions, questgiver locations, item drops, and all manner of fun information that I use to build QuestHelper’s database. Quessthelper may take several minutes for it to become good. Will verify that QuestHelper’s files all came from the same version, to ensure you installed or upgraded it properly.

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Let Blizzard know if you don’t like it, and if I can get an exception, I’ll start everything right back up again: Defaults to your client’s locale the first time you run QuestHelper. Changed questthelper way localized strings are parsed.

Check out the top of the page for that as well. This is probably the kind wierdness that happens when you give yourself a deadline.

Every error report I received had been handled one way or another, but some of them may still be live, as I was unable to reproduce some of them. Added performance scaling option to menu.

Added an approximation symbol to flight times that are just guesses. So I can track known quest items.

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I originally picked up WoW to play with friends qeusthelper to learn from Blizzard’s design expertise. The position of the quest tracker can be reset with this command: First, there are some achievements that QH claims it can help with that, in reality, it’s pretty much questhelpr for.


I can’t fix the problem right now, but I can try to hide the symptoms. If you had an error in 1. Objective priorities are shared between users. Now that it’s fixed, it can now tell you where to hand quests in. Add lffpicard to Your Buddy List.

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It should now be back to reasonably accurate guessing. Menus were given borders, and made more opaque. Send a private message to PeterGunn.

The defaults are all skinned with the square border, but some new ones you can add do not come up that way. Full rewrite of the routing core, pathing core, filters, quest director, data collector, data compilation, and database systems.