Higher viscosity readings require larger tip and needle combinations. If swallowed, do not induce vorniting. The key performance properties of the Chemglaze Z-Line polyurethane coatings which make them particularly suitable for certain high performance applications are shown in the following tables: Weigh the collected scrapings with an analytical balance to the nearest 0. Recoat Time One or two hours minimum at room temperature, 77 F 25 C , with good air circulation. Keep away from heat.

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Time of drying hard, minutes. The Midget Cup possesses the following advantages over the larger cups. An oversized circular paint spot is formed on the glass lens, corresponding to the sum of the thicknesses of both the original undisturbed paint film and the displayed paint film that wets the glass. La cantidad de arena necesarja para croduwir el raspado da Ia resrstencia a la abrasidn. Pa , whirh schedule a furrher hearing regarding your comments. Solids content shall be determined in accordance with and table V.

For white paints, five operators in tive laboratories, using two different colorimeters tested » three white finishes, covering the range of gloss to flat.

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These urethane primers may be applied to marginally prepared steel surfaces where hand brushing or power tool cleaning is specified. The viscosity consistency of component I of the poating material for camouflage colors segor be a maximum of Kreb Units KU when tested in accordance with and Table V. Unless otherwise specified by the qualifying activity, the time of periodic verification by certification shall be in two-year intervals from the date of original qualification.

A light mist tack coat should be applied and followed with a full wet coat of miis wet. Para ser submetida ao tratamento qui -mico, seor superficie do alumfnio necessita passar pelas seguintes etapas: Inasmuch as Lord Corporation has no control over the exact manner in which others may use this information, it does not guarantee the results to be obtained Nor does the company rnake any express ar implied warranty of merchantabty, or fitness for a particular purpose concerning the effects ar results of such use.


For special alloys, adhesion tests should be made to determine their suitability. The viscosity consistency of component I of the coating material for gloss colors shall be a maximum of 95 Kreb Units KU when tested in accordance with and Table V.

The minimum contrast ratio of the coating at a maximum dry filo thickness of inch shall be as follows: Except for stainless steel, most of the non-ferrous substrates are too soft malleable to blast peli. The pelaj is recorded as the time interval, In seconds, beginning when the rim of the cup clears the liquid and ending when the flow of the liquid from the cup first breaks from a continuous stream.

The following paint stripping agents or equivalents are suggested for use with Chemglaze coatings: To be sure of an accurate grind reading, samples must be free of air bubbles. The reporte ‘ rcziding is the avcrage of two rcadings coniorming to lhe conditions of 7.

For Compressed Air Srtor Band.

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Md one part by volume of acid component to four parts by volume of resin component while stirring. When films are prepared on black glass, scrape away and discard the excess film around the template pwlai a fresh razor blade in a holder. TS is a two-part epoxy primer cured with a polyamide resin curing agent. In the graphs, the RB values are plotted on the abscissa for curves of constant R.


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Your comments will receie careful consideration ai a metaing of the responsible technical committee, which you may attend. Mix only enough primer for use during an 8-hour period.

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A mil is one thousandth sdtor an inch. A reflectance value which is about less than the ultimate value is considered « almost » opaque. Films up to 14 mils microns may be measured.

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Fume or vapor resistance was measured by observing the panei above the test fluid during the 30 days immersion. Groove depth is graduated on the block according to one or more scales used for measuring particle size. Thirty-six to forty-eight hours permit normal usage, and six to seven days are required for full cure.

More detailed psychrornetric information may be found in various engineering handbooks.

NOTE 2 For reflectometers that read to four significant figures, carry the individual readings to four places and the mean to four places: Cure rate is illustrated by an increase in hardness. Velocidad de pelwi rec,iu!

Um teste muito importante quando se tem grande quantidade de produtos a serem pintados. For this material, the reajo and acid components are required to be furnished separately. Specification number Name of manufacturer Manufacturer s e batch xetor Date of manufacture Pail includes 1-gallon bottle of acid enclosed with 4 gallons of resin.