The notions of sacrifice and harmony obviously go along the lines of many of the things I was talking about during the lecture, but not only that. These transcultural traces are seldom found in current discourses, as they are mainly based on binaries of the modern and pre-modern, on political identity, and do not focus on transfers, translations, and exchanges. Historically speaking, the purpose of any colonial plan was to create new settlements and to bring new housing solutions for a distinct non-indigenous population arriving from some other part of the world. Not always, but the risk of specialisation is certainty. Whether looped together by hand using the age-old method of embroidery, or soldered through robot-assisted nanotechnology, ultimately this corrective and recursive process produces the same outcome. It seems an important question to ask within a body of work that is closely linked to postcolonial criticism.

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The relation between themselves consists of both the experience of the object and all the references linked to this relation. One hopes that Attia can find ways to bring the thoughtfulness of his video investigations into closer contact with the refined but somewhat safe aesthetic of his sculptures. Wallace is an autodidact who had to drop from school at 16 to work with his brother because their father was broke. Where do you find the images that come into the project and how do you work with them in the context of exhibitions? Natural selection is due to an unconscious survival instinct that every living system is moved by. The many ways of appropriating space and architecture by people can also lead to assume that neither colonialism nor postcolonial governments ever managed to establish complete control over the populations.

Why are these mental phantoms not at peace? And certainly refuses any inscription of offence.

So, first you have to destroy local production and value systems, then you have a highly skilled workforce build the new city for Europeans as well as some houses for the Moroccan workforce. A Sakalava funeral souleymanf injured by time is embellished and repaired with small droplets of metal alloy; a Dogon mask acquires a shimmering and protective armour of mirrors. We began our conversation souleymans insisting that knowledge could no longer operate as a set of discrete and framed forms of expertise divorced from their political conditions — this in the hope that its active potential might be let loose.


As you know, the medina house has always been an adapted and growing house. The exploited of the capitalist mechanism applied to slavery to develop modernity. Like a phantom limb, these wounds are there and the works are a means to recall the necessity of souleyamne reparation even when they are irreparable.

Many years ago, I wanted to make a movie with someone in Paris who was completely burnt. No other artist I can name has managed to infiltrate these guarded catacombs of material culture in such a systematic way.

Kader Attia

To do so, he takes architectural examples, various concepts of the healing of traumatic experiences, and the world wars still relevant today as his models, which will be considered more closely in the following.

Eventually I began to look in museums, where antiquities are stored, whether in Africa or the West. It does not resist change through exchange without losing itself in the process.

mission deg deg de souleymane jules diop

Sometimes the Western cultural vocabulary called it recycling, but it was much more complex than this. Any mathematical equation is about the accumulation of a succession of truths that leads to one truth the conclusion. However the mentors of radical Islam, from Al Qotob … to Al Zawahiri, the mentor of bin Laden, are far from being irrational subjects.

Especially from a western insight. In traditional societies colonized by modern man, a form of reappropriation of the freedom to enjoy the material objects and technological goods of the invader occurred in many different ways. Sculpture, wooden Boccio Totem, tin, metal base.

On the other hand, what Margaret Thatcher did also intended to generate another type of fear — the socio-economical fear I was talking about before: In the soleymane of such an environment—and from the perspective of an upraised balcony adjoining the room—Attia asks that the installation be seen from the point of view of the personal through one-on-one videos conducted with subjects involved in the field of psychiatric pathology as well as the political through subject matter that fits within a broader social construct of productive systemization.


Where do you find these repaired objects? The methods of repair, however, are multifarious and in the re of sacrificial rituals paradoxical.

What is war today? And therein lies the contradiction that he seeks to reveal: The classroom, for me, juules a place, a political space where I can address fear as a calculated politics rather than an intuitive response. Most of these beautiful architectures can easily be compared to any Mediterranean Christian architecture.

mission deg deg de souleymane jules diop

Fear is connected to capitalism. In a movie, I saw him sing the Chinese national anthem on a stage right in the middle of the street!

As soon as there is injury jkles can be repair somewhere, but there is more, before and beyond our cultural understanding. Whether we are gazing at stapled shards of mirror that emit only a partial image, or contemplating the bricolage of a cardboard chassis on a de, Attia points us to the ideological flaws and material frays that define our conjoined, post-colonial present.

Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments

His politically charged production draws our attention to the cyclical agonism between injury and repair. So, to get back to your question, I find the notion of inconsistency to be exactly what I believe and defend, even as a new or different methodology of thinking and working.

I was interested in the injured faces of soldiers initially because the First World War is, at this point in human history, probably the strongest conflict between two eras — the Classical age and the Modern one. Alfred Russel Wallace and Darwin are really very specific.

mission deg deg de souleymane jules diop

The story of the transformed plane indeed clearly shows another form of repair, beyond the political perspective. New town planning and the grid structure that are nowadays perceived as high modernist aesthetic items were brought into building practices and modern discourse through colonial expansion.