Hello, Excuse me for taking so much time to answer, but I had some problems with my computers… I have some pictures of what I finally want: Note the smoothed aspect and symmetrical pattern of pression and tension on stereoplots to the left, decreasing with the number of earthquakes towards the right. Ne pas tenir compte ici des effets bizarre sur le ciel. Pour le nikkor de Upper row, primary subset. Paris, D , , p.

Nom: logiciel de projection stéréographique
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L’assemblage final sous Enblend. The only image i could found is the second one, a gnomonic projection of the earth the only difference is the position of the plan. L’assemblage et l’optimisation des raccords se fait en mode de projection equirectangulaire. A new rapid direct inversion method by analytical means. Thank you for your help again. Place du Capitole – Toulouse. Thanks again for you pieces of advice!

France, 7XIX, 6, p.

logiciel de projection stéréographique

Place du Capitole – Toulouse. I want to do a sperical projection of a solid actually a cristal.

Hugin (logiciel)

First thank you for your answers. Once it is done, I want to do a stereographic projection. Pour le nikkor de Lower row, secondary subset. Other papers with application to various regions of the world are mentioned in several pages of this site. For more detail about these events, see page Iran. Distributions of pressure and tension on the sphere for contrasting magnitude classes.


logiciel de projection stéréographique

Prendre une image d’un stéréographiqeu uniforme serait inutile car non « raccordable » avec les autres images. Il produit des petits films. Nyrath Nyrath J’utilise actuellement mon Nikon D70 mais avec un objectif « fisheye plein cadre » Nikkor de I found something to draw normals, its in the mesh tools more panel, called draw normals, with ansize of 2. All stress tensors are similar confidence eliipses however differindicating that even very low magnitude earthquakes recorded by the SIL network monitored by the Icelandic Meteorological Institute provide significant focal mechanisms.

These papers are referred to in the following Sections.


These lines cross the sphere and it is these crossing points which are important. RickyBlender RickyBlender Thank you for your help.

Hello, Excuse me for taking so much time to answer, but I had some problems with my computers… I have some pictures of what I finally want: Then, what you did in the last ee is what I want. Upper row, primary subset. Two intermediate stages of backtilting are added to illustrate changes in fault geometry during folding. Example of application of the right dihedra method. I hope have am clear enough Thank logiiel for your help. It projects the verticies in parallel lines, it does not project them so that the lines converge on a point like the center point of the sphere.


However, this projects the object orthographically. Il existe de nombreux logiciels pour assember des panoramas, certains payants.

Actually, the last picture, the red one, is exactly what I need! Voir sur ce site une explication de l’effet. International, 3, p. Could you explain me how to do that?

Spherci / stereographic projection – Basics & Interface – Blender Artists Community

This paper also provides practical examples of fault slip data inversion, including display of data sets see Annexeswhich can be used for Tector training. I gonna look at the links you gave me since I have a little time, I hope tomorrow. From left to right: