The developing assembly is locked in position manually by operting the locking lever together with the developing assembly rail. Do not leave out the toothed washer that comes with one of the mounting screws on the rearcover to protect against static electricity. Pour les personnes sans reliquat: Removing the Blade Unit1 Remove the four mounting screws [1],and detach the sleeve cover [2]. The AC bias control signal pulse signal is generated. Markings on the Width Guide RailThe width guide rail inside the cassette is equipped with paper size positioning holes, which aremarked A through M as shown in Table

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When ‘0’, the main switch is turned off. Controlling the Reversal Motor M11 1. Detecting the Waste Toner casefull condition Removing the Vertical PathDrive Assembly Sequence of Operations pick-up from the cassette 1. OutlineThe machine’s control panel consists of the PCBs shown in Figure and a liquid crystal display LCD capable of showing images in x dots. Removing the InternalDelivery Roller

Large-Capacity Paper Source Adding accessories, the machine can be turned into a paper source holding as many as sheets. Removing the Right Cover If the lower right cover is not found, skip steps 4 and 5. Removing the Cassette 4Pickup Assembly The mode may be either of the following: Switching the Drive of the Pick-Up Roller When the cassette pick-up roller rotates clockwise, the gear 1 moves up to drive the upper pickup roller.


The 1st sheet is moved to the reversingassembly. Reversal DeliveryThe copier discharges paper either in face-up delivery or in face-down delivery mode. At this time, do not force it.

Detecting the Toner Level and Controlling the Toner SupplyMechanismFigure shows the construction of the toner supply control system.

When attaching the dveloping assembly, take special care to insure that the transfer guide is provided with the magnet plate [4]. Figure 4 Free the hook [4] of the delivery assembly lower cover.

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A5R originals cannot be set in the ADF. At this time, take care not to damage theflat cable removed in step 4.

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The 6th side is printed on the 3rd ee301. The 1st sheet is moved to the lower feed-ing assembly. Removing the System Motherboard1 Remove the rear cover. Mounting the Thermistor Check to make sure that the detecting face of the thermistor [1] is in even contact with the surface of the upper fixing roller [2].

Removing the Multifeeder Unit 1 Remove the right cover.

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When mounting the developing cylin-der, take care not to bring the magneticseal plate into contact with the surface ofthe cylinder to avoid damage. Figure 5 Remove the two screws [4], and remove the gear cover [5] and the two gears [6]. Sequence of Operations Figure shows the sequence of operations used kmprimé face-down delivery. Overlay mode is selected. Driving the laser semiconductor 2.


E310 the Fixing Cleaning BeltMount the fixing cleaning belt by revers-ing the steps used to remove it. This label is attached to a laser unit cover which shields agianst laser light. The foregoing series of operations is performed for each pick-up. Figure shows the label certifying compliance with the CDRH regulations, and all laser products sold in the United States are required to bear the label.

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Sequence of Operations original exposure system In the absent of the copyboard glass,’1′. An original is detected in the feeder. The connector cover is hooked in place. The collar of the rear pickup roller is silver. The width of paper is detected by a slide volume.

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The copy has black lines feeding direction, fine Used to switch the direction of motor rotation: The 3rd sheet is picked up. Rotating the Pick-Up Roller The pick-up roller is rotated by the drive of the cassette pick-up motor M5 transmitted by a gear.