Its instability, as described above, indicated a form of strangeness, which in turn elicited the desire, perhaps even the necessity, to draw it from its transitional zone and properly incorporate it into the literary canon. This public art intervention to bring Hughes in contact with Arabic, Arabs and Arab Americans is paralleled by a more conservative example, also based in the United States: Success in the Arab World the source culture is an important factor for choosing a novel for translation, although that alone is not sufficient. A text is always related to other texts of all kinds; the relationship between texts, including translations, is always complex and oblique; and this relationship is shaped by textual elements and concepts and discursive frameworks as much as by social and ideological contexts. The data also show a significant pattern of distribution in cross-referencing gender of author and translator with publisher category, with women translators publishing books by women authors with university presses Fadhma Amrouche, Malika Mokeddem, Assia Djebar and men translating books by men with mainstream presses; independent presses publish male and female translators of male authors more or less equally.

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Peter Clark warns of perpetuating such generalized perceptions of transnational literary markets. There is no interesting, playful or musical interaction between these two words as there is in English. The diversity of approaches in this collection speaks for a dynamic and widely growing field. French Cultural Studies 18 1: Abdelkader Lecheheb, sometimes written as Lachheb, born 13 July is a Moroccan diplomat and former footballer who is the Ambassador of Morocco to Russia.

Maroc film Bougouffa فيلم بوكفة

Yet, native literature is still seen by most publishers and readers as a way of gathering information about the local culture. The contest seeks in some ways to draw connections between the Arab world and the words of this African American poet.


Misapprehensions are pervasive here. This eleven-line poem becomes ten lines in translation and, though short, stands out within both the chapter and the overall memoir.

The Legacy of Islam. John Benjamins Publishing Translation Library, Alhucemas is a city in the north of Morocco, on the northern edge of the Rif Mountains and kabkul the Mediterranean coast. On the contrary, the infrastructures of cultural exchange, the role of intermediaries, the trajectories of transmission and proliferation, the institutions shaping the literary field, all these factors remain of decisive importance.

According to Three Percent: Should interventions by magical forces and djinns not be dismissed as being conducive to superstition? In Translation Studies, 1 2: An analysis of the gender distribution of translators over the period tends to support this hypothesis. Translating belles lettres today means making texts available that tell of people from elsewhere in the world: Thus, a new analytical approach is required to understand these phenomena.

Rates of translation from the Maghrebi Arabic and French, The Moroccan dialect of Arabic, referred to as Darija, and French are also widely spoken. The result was a work that had no original version in Arabic fillm that was strangely diverse in its contents.

Film marocain tarik ila kaboul HD الفيلم المغربي الطريق الى كابل جودة عالية

As soon as a text is written, the author loses his or her control of it and relinquishes it to find its way in a contingent world. There is no ideological necessity to exploit the Nights in such a permanent and varied way and on such a wide scale.

Algerian Arabic, or Algerian known as Darja, or Dziria in Algeria is a language derived from a variety of the Arabic ,arocain spoken in northern Algeria. Journal of Arabic Literature 2 1: Abdallah Ibn Yasin died 7 July C. The Alaouite dynasty, the current ruling dynasty, seized kavoul in The World Republic of Letters. An important motif was the seemingly boundless nature of storytelling, both with regard to infinite continuation, and with regard to the diversity of the material, which seemed to be a new insight in the nature of literature as a form of narrative imagination and continuous narration.


Morocco currently occupies two thirds eihla the territory, and peace processes have thus far failed to break the political deadlock. Iaboul el-Madini is a scholar, a novelist, a poet, and a translator from Morocco.

film marocain rihla ila kaboul

Since this study is not a comparison between stylistic choices, I will move to socio-cultural factors that were involved in producing this translation. Finally, he also included in his version of the Thousand and One Nights some additional stories that were transmitted to him by a Maronite informant from Aleppo.

Translators use the models and forms that exist in the target culture in order to produce more acceptable translations.

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It can thus be concluded that local and national literature are at the center of the contemporary English polysystem, while new and foreign literary works are expected to be peripheral and marginal. Yet, there are two sides in any intercultural exchange even if it is largely one- sided.

film marocain rihla ila kaboul

Yet, the question of the expectations of Europeans reading literature from the Arab world is much more intricate than a simple reproach of the kind mentioned above would suggest. In order to account for this complexity, I address factors and agents during the translation process of The Yacoubian Building. This striking shift from the earlier phases not only increased the frequency and regularity of Arabic fiction in English translations, but also the kabol of many publishers in the process.