Retrieved from  » https: Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool of analysis used in the various sectors of the businesses, of industry, scientist, etc. A staged approach to solution of full Euler and Navier-Stokes equations is used. Major group design project which integrates concepts from all major areas of mechanical engineering. Lagrangian dynamics, generalized co-ordinates, virtual work, generalized forces and the power function.

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Structural idealization and its effects on open and closed sections. Process planning, tolerance analysis, Taguchi methods. Principle of virtual work, Lagrange’s equations, generalized forces. System, method, and computer program product for controlling energy consumption in data centers. Programme HydroTherm Calcul modules de perte de charge.

Finite elements and their solution techniques. Application of thermodynamics to standard power and refrigeration cycles.

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Actuator, sensors and controller requirements. Nucleation and growth of solid phase. Theoretical basis, principles of design, performance and instrumentation of ground test facilities.


Steady-state field problems, axisymmetric analysis. Modelling of mechanical, electrical, fluid and thermal systems using lumped parameter approach. Review of acoustic waves in compressible fluids; acoustic pressure, intensity and impedance; physical interpretation and measurement; transmission through media; layers, in-homogeneous media, solids; acoustic systems; rooms, ducts, resonators, mufflers, properties of transducers; microphones, psycgrométrique, computational acoustics.

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Modern multivariable control analysis; design requirements, sensitivity, robustness, perturbations, performance analysis. Plain strain and plain stress behaviour. Classes of materials in Micromechanics.

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Instability of two-phase flow. Transient and frequency response of physical systems. Students are required to attend and participate in at least 10 seminars. Introduction to fracture, corrosion, welding, and time dependent deformation in metals. Viscous and inviscid regions.

Stress and strain transformations.

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Applications in mechanical engineering. Examples of controlling mechanical system actuators. Governing equations of plates.

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An introduction to the finite element methodology, with emphasis on applications to heat transfer, fluid psychrométriqje and stress analysis. Multilayered plate, shell and continua. Fundamental principles of heat transmission by conduction, convection and radiation. Programme de calcul sur excel.


Froid / hydraulique / aéraulique

Instability of cylindrical shells. Ce programme produit des plannings sous forme de diagramme de Gantt sur Excel.

Modelling and simulation for the design of mixed dynamic systems. May not be taken for credit with MCG Computer based control systems for robotics, automation, manufacturing and instrumentation applications. Alarm and diagnostics system and method for a distributed architecture heating, ventilation and conditioning network.

Thermodynamique. – Le diagramme entropie-température

Topics include identifying customer needs, concept generation, product architecture, industrial design, and design-for-manufacturing. A1 Designated state s: Topics will vary from year to year.

Euler equations, velocity potential, irrotational flow, stream function, singular flows. Air, Gas, Vapor, Volume, density, viscosity, expansion.

The economics of production.