Logout of Terminal, restart computer, and try again. Apparently PGP supports it already? I could successfully sign with my PIN and verify an email but only with the Authentication certificate, not the Signature certificate According to the snapshots of the official guide of the eID for Outlook, it’s ok, the Authentication certificate must be used, the other being reserved for legal signatures. After that it should be disabled. There is also a Firefox add-on: It is « funny » to see that everywhere the activation of the certificates is presented as optional, the choice being left to the citizen, blablabla, but in reality most of the citizen just don’t know about this possibility and most of the civil servants, well I hope that since my story, things have evolved a bit and the civil servants doesn’t ask you the question. In the consequent dialog, enter Module name:

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Official instructions in French. Open Terminal, by typing Terminal in the spotlight search 3. I cannot select any certificates What should I do? Note that it works only if I start Firefox after having the eID in place in the reader. Retrieved from  » http: Click the word GO at the top of your main desktop, select Computer.


Remove CAC from the reader.

MilitaryCAC’s help uninstalling CAC enabling programs page

Run beidgui command line or from the menu Applications: Note that I didn’t get much further, being redirected to e.

I revoked my signature certificate, but kept my authentication certificate 6. If you can’t delete them, skip them and bflpic next step. Are you interested in subscribing to the CACNews email list? Now with Hardy Heron, they work almost flawless. All Programs listed above may also have files located here except for ActivClient: After that it should be disabled.

Middlsware use the eID in web applications, you need to register the eID certificates in your browser.

Firefox: The ‘BELPIC’ module is not present. What should I do? | eID software

This can also be done from the command prompt or a script. For Chromium, see https: Untrusted certificate when visiting gov site?

belpic middleware

What can I do? My card reader is not found.

belpic middleware

Be sure to register the certificate while running firefox or other application under a normal user account, i. How do I delete temporary internet files and website files? midfleware

Firefox: The ‘BELPIC’ module is not present. What should I do?

Well actually the middleware comes with an ugly install. I revoked my certificates 6.

Consult our help pages: The eID installation software does not middlewre. If you want to try also make sure you’re using Linux: Mojave, High Sierra, and Sierra have a built in Smart Card ability that works for ‘some’ people ‘some’ of the time.


belpic middleware

GpgSM is to X. Firefox but when prompted for a PIN the virtual keyboard was blank, no image of the numbers on the buttons. Installing middleware, see this page. You need a reader such as ACR38 which can read memory cards. In the consequent dialog, enter Module name: Therefore, Ubuntu has them too. Generally speaking there are regularly interesting posts on Belsec blogcheck it as I don’t maintain actively this news section.

How to Remove ActivClient for Mac. Till that new release please use the « belpic » software available from the belgian state.

How to check the middlrware I still would like to understand what went wrong before, why only the « Authentication » certificate worked and not the « Signature » one.

And the behavior is not really reproductible so you’ve to run it till you’ve the 4 certificates:.