Andres Kimber

I am a first year PhD student in University of Tartu. My PhD thesis “Landscape in time and space – Jõesuu-Kaberneeme coastal plain from the Mesolithic to the Viking Age” focuses on landscape use and reconstruction by applying GIS-based and quantitative methods. I have some experience in both, as my Master’s thesis dealt with natural landscape, acoustic and visual aspects of cup-marked stones. The analysis was based on GIS and statistical methods using QGIS, GRASS and R. During last four years of fieldwork as a site manager and assistant I have also extensively employed photogrammetry for 3D documentation of trenches, finds and sites using Agisoft Photoscan. Due to the PhD project my previous interest in using and effectively managing interdisciplinary, mostly geological and geographical, methods and data in archaeology has grown into a necessity. First of all I am interested in LiDAR data manipulation for analysis and landscape reconstruction; Imaging Spectroscopy and historical aerial imagery for detection and interpretation of archaeological sites; and modern (3D) reconstruction and (interactive and dynamic) presentation possibilities. By participating in the workshop I hope to gain better insight into modern and interdisciplinary methods for settlement archaeology. Additionally I believe it to be a great opportunity to get feedback on the work I have done so far and establish contacts for future discussions.