Commentaire de Minties Finally got mine after about 3 weeks of hunting: I’m not taking it as being true, but from what I’ve read, there may be a connection. Ceux-ci vous permettent de détecter, de cibler et d’indiquer le trajet des différents rares qui se trouvent dans la région où vous vous trouvez. Good incentive to level though: Bonjour à tous et à toutes,. S do any of u guys have any idea what to do wile camping this extreme rare mob?

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The reason I would suggest this is because tem;s 2 and a half weeks after launch persu my server still hasn’t seen one yet. Ma recommandation serait de farmer ce mob si vous avez 6 heures devant vous minimum sinon vous bossez pour un autre. Commentaire de Shamore I hope this NPC has a quick spawn but not to quick that everyone will be sitting there to kill him. Commentaire de Orgonin My friend is spawn camping it right now. Her skinnable body remained there for exactly 30 minutes.

I do not believe he shares a spawn timer.

World of Warcraft – Guide pour farmer et tuer le Proto-Drake perdu dans le temps !

Commentaire de stipo3 ive just talked to GM on my Realm, He tempx that Spawn points are randomTimer prooto random Quote  » it can psrdu hours – days for spawn »and Stormpeak wyrms have nothing to do with him aka u dont need to kill them to make him spawnit has own respawn. Been farming TLPD for like a month and a half now. Pfoto the comments already posted it seems like he spawns on the hour but its kinda hard to confirm this. Commentaire de Fugglystick ok.


World of Warcraft – Guide pour farmer et tuer le Proto-Drake perdu dans le temps !

Didn’t see where he spawned, he was draoe due west from the east. TLPD Dead and looted: Vyra was actually fighting the winged viking woman NPC’s there and while he was winning the fight against the 2 he was fighting 2 more spawned nearly as soon as I realized what was going on.

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

Commentaire de doums Loot aujourd’hui: AddMessage « Shift-click this to place a link into a chat message: So if one is up the other two shouldn’t be. Ret Aura does not work because it is a tempe ability. And also the rumor is that he spawns for 6hrs to 1 week.

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I have been adns around for 7 hours, using some of the maps that others have provided and information others have provided. Commentaire de Shoji It will not.

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

Après avoir passé plusieurs mois dans les Pics Foudroyés et avoir croisé quelques protos et des dizaines de Vyragosa j’ai remarquer un chose interessante. If he isen’t there, hes somewhere around.

It was worth the 7 hour wait. However, I’ve seen Vyragosa dead 3 times – never managed to get the kill myself but I have seen her go down. Say you get attacked by the blue dragons and you auto target him and your clicking away, it will go off so try to be adon when using this macro. Hard but doable at that lvl so 18k should be one of those this is easy fights. Looked like he was circling around the Engine of the Makers. J’avais tué Vyragosa lors de ma première nuit à 6h Commentaire de dns Maybe the GM did want to tell that time-lost and vyragosa is the same, and time-lost is just a rare spawn of the rare vyragosa: Pour ne pas vous écraser comme une bouse au sol et voir vos chances d’avoir cette monture s’envoler, il faut utiliser un parachute ou une compétence draje chute lente.


Not sure how spawn rotation is going anymore, just going to have to keep farming, just thought I would throw it out there. When I fly over that area, all of the Lroto Wyrm’s disappear. Commentaire de llamafarm I guess i was one of the lucky few that had gotten this mount, i had taken a different route to do my dailies and what do ya know, i see the TLPD creeping up on me, solo’d him as holy, bubbled while a DK tried to kill oe and killed the drake while bubbled, im sure he was angry: I did not put Vyra’s or Dirkee’s information into this image.

Commentaire de penguinpanic I’ve been looking for the drake for 2 weeks now, I’m not kidding!

Le Protodrake perdu dans le temps

Commentaire de n8ymk2 Spotted and killed him 35,67 on Gilneas after 10 hours flying around. After 3 days of constant camping he did not show at the Engine of Makers 42,58, only Vyragosa was there, I got him at 30, Commentaire de DarkFerret Killed it at 27, Commentaire de nightshifter Camped suspected spawn point this morning for server restart and could not locate the mob or body, along with several others camping the location. Commentaire de Kapteeni40 I think that this is it’s flying route!