I actually feel guilty it’s so short, but I was being very selective. I’m more hesitant about saying anything bad about Hamza el Din, but he’s not really a favorite. Howwa Sahih really has Zakariya Ahmed written all over it. I’m a huge fan of Oum Kolthoum. It was rooted in Arab classical tradition, but it’s energy was not rarified or conservatory-oriented. I’ll recommend some Wahab songs, though I imagine you already experienced many of his music.

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Clearly, Shaheen is fighting an uphill battle to preserve tradition while not ruling out innovation and to do so in the U. You guys are really dedicated to Arabic music, huh? When I am home I can check the track lengths, which would at least partially answer the question. Patience has its limits , indeed. The « Artistes Arabes » series of which there are more than two covers more or less the same material.

I haven’t watched this yet, but the introduction alone is mind-blowing.

habibati man takoun mp3

Umm Kalthumwhat about this record? On the other hand, she was pretty terrified of live performances. I’ve long been enamored of Fairuz, even the Euro-kitsch arrangements that so often accompany her voice.

I know that a lot of Arabs I’m assuming you are, based on the name you’re using, but of course it could be a screen name find it strange that people who don’t speak the language would enjoy this music, since everything tends to be built around creating a setting for the lyrics, but there’s still a lot of enjoyment to be gotten out of it without knowing the words.


I don’t really love Amal Hayati though. Also, the seriousness of the announcers is great.

Abdel Halim Hafez

Do you even speak Arabic? It is a bit corny in a way, but then as you listen to it, well, as I listened to it, I heard a lot that I liked. Asmahan was much more comfortable as an actor, and she also had the glamorous looks for it.

The audience was very involved, audibly so. I guess you know that Umm Kulthum was one of the companions of the Prophet, so it’s got a certain cachet in that cultural context. I’d be interested in hearing more though. Abdel Wahab songs so overrated. A very strong Habibagi El Aseel: It’s not everything she recorded anyway, just « the most popular.

Abdelhalim hafez عبد الحليم حافظ

Just a note to say a young man told me today that in Syria, the radio stations reserve an hour every morning for Fairuz, and an hour every evening for Oum Kalthoum. Did you get to see any of those shows?

habibati man takoun mp3

Maybe he tries too hard to treat this music seriously kind of like Munir Bachir, though maybe as not as extremeto the point where some of the juice is lost. A very fast-tempoed Howwa Sahih that I don’t think I’ve heard before. Maybe I shouldn’t say this but I find Simon Shaheen’s approach to things a bit dry.

habibati man takoun mp3

I’ll recommend some Wahab songs, though I imagine you already experienced many of his music. Actually, even that isn’t among her best, but parts of this song are quite memorable. I have the complete Diva series, but I yabibati don’t care for the material from this early in her career, with rare exceptions.


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Are all those variations on Om’s name actually on the books, or are some of them your inventions? I started this thread, actually, even if the original name looked a little different. Patience has its limitsindeed.

Also, Takohn Kalthoum frequently would repeat verses or longer passages in response to audience requests to hear them again or simply in response to her sense of the crowd’s mood ; and part of the challenge would be to sing the same thing again, but change it in effective ways.

However it was rakoun I may have met you, I apologize: I have one of those CDs. Amateurist, the Diva series is all early recordings pres, from what I recall.

I’m a huge fan of Oum Kolthoum. I haven’t checked him out for a while, though, so I might be tempted to give this a try.

| Zidini 3ishkan – Kazem El Saher

Farid el Atrache had a long career starring in movies, and I’m pretty sure that Abdel Halim also appeared in films. I think Habibari Mangeshkar is still numerically ahead. If anyone wonders who I consider to be not-dry oudists, I give my usual examples: I love that Spotify has a bunch of her « singles » in chronological order now.