Are you calling for my house to be burned while my family are inside? Parched fragment of a barren world A glowing meteor to the earth hurled. So the people protested vigorously. The 12 Divinely Commissioned leaders of the Ummah after the Prophet pbuh. A died-down candle just flickered Briefly, a sinking ship anchored. I fear for you from the day of calling out, the day on which you turn back retreating; there shall be no saviour for you from Allah, and whomsoever Allah causes to en, there is no guide for him.

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Upon returning to Kufa, Imam Ali a. Imam Husain raised his hands in prayer: He took them on, fighting them bravely, and kept fighting, receiving many wounds in the process. He managed to reach the waterline of the River Euphrates with fortitude. They rained him with 4, arrows. Since losing blood weakened his body, he sat on the ground hardly lifting his head, whereupon Malik bin an-Nisr approached him, called him names, and hit him with his sword on his head which was covered with a burnoose. As he was in that state, a man thrust his spear into his heart causing his death.

If you resort to the sword there will no longer be any bond between us.

ahzan kalbi mp3

A vision, on earth, of a virtual hell A stretch of furnace, a fiery shell The heatwave diffuses thermal haze The fervid ether forbids the gaze. Ibn Muljim attacked and fatally wounded Imam Ali a. Shimr initiated the attack; he kicked him, sat on his chest, got hold of his blessed beard, dealt 12 sword blows to his body, and finally beheaded him. My cool appraisal of ahaan mess, Is a genuine effort to forestall distress.


His gallantry used to remind them of his father, Imam Ali A who used to annihilate brave and formidable foes in the battlefield. Allah shall never let this happen to us; so shall His Messenger, the believers, and chaste shzan pure laps and proud souls. This sense of spiritual emptiness By rational thinking do suppress. He dispatched his servant to kill her; he dealt a fatal blow to her head with a truncheon; she died instantly. Your evanescent, sordid, slippery boon will vanish, like a mirage; too soon.

Ahlul Bait 5, Iran. Would welcome death and make it tame Would rather die than live in shame: May Allah not give you drink on the day of thirst.

He said the sight of our combatants falling led me to enter my horse in a tent to spare it destruction. Waleed invited Al-Husain to a meeting for the purpose.

ahzan kalbi mp3

It was the day when Jihad would be in full bloom, blood would be shed, 72 innocent lives would be sacrificed, and a decisive battle kalgi be won to save Islam and the Ummah. Oblivion, his name will not greet.

Abdelhalim hafez عبد الحليم حافظ

He was an archer. The site of the ugliest atrocities committed against Al-Husain, his family and devotees, but Karbala saved Islam from disintegration in an indirect way. The caravan kept proceeding toward Kufa. You, therefore, played into the hands of your enemy against your masters the friends of God. I was so overwhelmed by the radiance of his face that I refrained from contemplating killing him! The man is critically wounded.


He lay weak and lifeless as if something was choking and strangling him. As he was overwhelmed by stone throwing, he parted with his coat of arms and headgear and charged the enemy troops who fled.

You need advice more than we do. Three fanatics took the responsibility, they were to attack their victims in the morning, the same day, as the would-be victims were going to the mosque to lead the morning salat. In your quest to win; prevail Assume the aggressive; charge; then fail. Everyone ahzsn him dearly.

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Redeemed, through truth, all can be XYZ and kzlbi and me. Helped by Hakim bin at-Tufail as-Sanbasi, he hit him on the arm and severed it.

ahzan kalbi mp3

The primeval sands primordial heat With contempt does inferno treat Auzan a dauntless, valiant band Stands, resolutely, on this land. I seek penitence from Allah for what I did.

He did not turn away before he dealt him a blow on the head causing him to fall face down. How my assault and campaign seeking my revenge and that of my companions.

Aslam, the servant of Hussain A was next.